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2017 Diamond Jewelry Engagement Ring Trends

A simple diamond solitaire set in gold or platinum jewelry will never go out of style but 2017 is seeing a few exciting new trends in diamond engagement rings that may prompt you go ahead and pop the question.

Black Diamonds – Diamond jewelry has long been the traditional choice for engagement rings. Going with a black diamond keeps with the tradition but offers an edgier choice for women and couples that like to stand out from the crowd.  It pairs well with any precious metal but looks particularly striking with yellow gold.

Halo Settings – Halo settings are nothing new but 2017 promises to deliver even more unique and intricate halo designs.

Colored Accents – Look for traditional diamond jewelry with colored accents.  Whether it’s colored diamonds or other precious gemstones, a pop of color will make your ring stand out.

Stacked Bands – You can stick with platinum jewelry or gold or you can mix precious metals with stacked bands. Double or triple up your bands for a beautiful intricate design. You can also try intertwining the bands for even more visual interest.

Rose Gold – This is not your traditional platinum jewelry or white gold.  It’s something different for a unique bride that pairs well with diamonds, can be worn with other precious metals and compliments any skin tone.