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Buying Platinum Jewelry from a Pawn Shop

Platinum jewelry is a popular choice when investing in fine jewelry because it is such a durable metal while at the same time beautiful. However, because platinum is rarer than gold it can also be much more expensive.

Buying your platinum jewelry from a pawn shop, however, makes this sought after precious metal much more affordable.  Pawn shops buy quality platinum jewelry from the public at a price below market value for used jewelry. They are then able to resell it for a profit at prices that are far below retail value.

Furthermore, at a pawn shop you have the ability to negotiate on price with the pawnbroker and even sell your unwanted fine jewelry to reduce the price of the piece you actually want.

When shopping for platinum jewelry at a pawn shop arrive ready to negotiate, but remember the pawnbroker has to make a profit as well. Knowing fair market value for platinum jewelry will help you determine whether or not the item you are looking at is fairly priced, however, remember that there are many different factors that will have an effect on the price including the weight, the design or designer, and the quality of any gemstones that are a part of the piece.