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Should you Buy Platinum Jewelry or Gold Jewelry

Deciding between platinum and gold jewelry is a personal preference, as both precious metals are beautiful and high quality. Platinum jewelry often comes with a slightly higher price tag as it is a littler rarer than gold.

Platinum is a stronger, more durable metal, however, it is also a softer metal which means it is more prone to scratches. Gold is less likely to scratch, but, because it loses its sheen when scratched,  imperfections will show up more.

Gold jewelry has more color variations than platinum. You can choose from yellow gold, rose gold or white gold, depending on your style and preference. Aesthetically, white gold and platinum are very similar. However, over time white gold can turn a yellowish color. Platinum jewelry, however, is a naturally white metal and will not lose its color.

Yellow gold and rose gold are well loved, and you may prefer these colors depending on your taste and skin tone. One way to determine which precious metal to choose is to take inventory of the jewelry you already own to determine what you are drawn to and what will coordinate best with your new jewelry. You can also try on different types while doing your shopping to see what best compliments your skin tone. Platinum and gold are both beautiful metals and you can’t go wrong either way.

Whatever you decide in the end, let the experts at Modell guide you through our extensive selection of quality Platinum and Gold jewelry.