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Where Can You Sell Diamond Jewelry in New York?

New York City pawn shops, like Modell Financial, are a perfect place to make extra cash selling diamond jewelry. Click here to find the location nearest you. Diamond jewelry is always in demand. Pawn shops will buy fine jewelry from consumers to resell to the public and if you have diamond jewelry a New York City pawn shop is almost certain to take it.

Diamonds are a popular retail item and they tend to hold their market value. The type of jewelry you have will have an effect on the price you get at a New York City pawn shop. Popular designers, higher quality diamonds, and certain precious metals will sell for more cash. There are some cuts that are more popular than others as well.

However, that does not mean if your diamond jewelry has a dated setting, is broken, or is in otherwise bad condition you will not still be able to make a sale.  The diamond itself will carry value.  For a jewelry piece the pawnbroker does not believe they can resell as is, they will offer a cash payment for just the value of the diamond. In fact, diamonds often have jewelers that are able to put your diamond in a new setting for customers.  A pawn shop is the perfect place to make quick cash on your unwanted diamond jewelry.