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Pawning and Buying Collectibles at a Pawnshop

The famous three gold balls sign of a pawnbroker's shop, above a street in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, eastern England.

The market for collectibles has exploded in recent decades. Reality TV shows have shown just how lucrative collecting rare and valuable items can be. While the proliferation of information online has provided many novice collectors with the tools to make confident, informed purchases, there are also many challenges. Pawn shops are a great place to […]

A Brief History Of Pawnbroking

Although pawnbroking is fast becoming a mainstream financial tool and the subject of many a reality television series, most people are surprised to learn that pawnbrokers and pawnbroking have deep cultural roots. The history of pawnbroking is as diverse as that of any industry. Pawnbroking dates back thousands of years. The practice of pawning valuable […]