High-End Jewelry at a NYC Pawn Shop

NYC Pawn shops and high-end jewelry go hand in hand, but at a NYC pawn shop like Modell you will not be paying high-end prices. Pawnbrokers’ inventory is an ever revolving array of a variety of beautiful jewelry. Pawnbrokers like Modell specialize in diamond jewelry, gold jewelry and platinum jewelry.

If you are looking to buy gold jewelry, diamonds, platinum or other high-end jewelry the first place you look should always be a pawn shop. Modell is able to offer their customers better prices because they are able to purchase their inventory so low. Pawn shops are the first place people go when they need cash for gold and diamonds.

People looking to quickly sell estate jewelry often reach out to pawnbrokers. They also have a network of people they regularly buy from as well as a stream of individuals looking to sell their own fine jewelry for cash. Modell is able to purchase diamonds wholesale and will even work directly with jewelers who can help you create your own design. Buying your high-end jewelry at a pawn shop means you will save big. Your budget will stretch a lot farther and you can afford pieces you never thought you would be able to own.  You’ll have heirlooms you will want to pass down through the generations.