Earning Extra Cash for Christmas

You can earn extra cash this Christmas selling your fine jewelry at a pawn shop. Estate jewelry, diamond jewelry, luxury watches, platinum jewelry and gold jewelry are all in high demand during the holiday season with an increase in shoppers looking for holiday gifts or that something special to wear to holiday parties and gatherings.

If you have estate jewelry that has been sitting for years or other fine jewelry that you no longer wear you can use it to ease your financial worries during the holidays. Selling jewelry at a pawn shop is easy and you will have cash in hand that same day. Bring your jewelry to a reputable pawnbroker. Not all pawnshops are the same or offer the same prices. Your best bet is to find a pawnbroker that specializes in fine jewelry, like Modell Collateral, as they will almost always be able to offer you a higher price.

All you need is photo I.D. and your negotiating skills. If you have any packaging or other paperwork original to the jewelry bring that as well but it certainly isn’t necessary. When you’re done you will have all the extra cash you need to fund all the fun and gift giving that comes Christmas.