The Beauty of Collecting Estate Jewelry

High-end estate jewelry is trending and can be seen adorning the most fashionable gem and fine jewelry collectors. Connoisseurs and collectors of jewelry love vintage jewelry both for its unique look and the value it can add to the collection. Collectors aren’t just looking for standard rings and necklaces anymore either. Estate jewelry such as brooches and pins can be found in beautiful designs and have made a huge comeback in the fashion industry. A simple dress can really stand out when adorned with a diamond brooch.

Preowned jewelry can be found at estate sales and pawn shops. In fact, pawns shops are one of the best places to purchase estate jewelry. Pawnbrokers are able to network and purchase a large inventory of estate jewelry. Customers are able to find a variety of beautiful pieces in one place for a fraction of the price they would pay for the same quality gems in a retail store.

They are also finding unique pieces that when worn will stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, they’ve purchased a collectible piece they will want to hang on to for years to come. Some may even decide to sell their piece later for a profit as value on vintage estate jewelry tends to appreciate.