Where to Sell Your Old Jewelry in New York

Diamond jewelry, platinum jewelry, gold jewelry and other precious metals and stones retain value even if you’ve had them for years. If you have fine jewelry you never wear and could use some extra cash a New York City pawn shop, like Modell Collateral Loans, is the perfect place to bring your jewelry, especially if it’s estate jewelry and considered antique or vintage.

However, even if it’s only a few years old you can still make plenty of cash at a pawn shop with jewelry you simply no longer want. Pawnbrokers are experts at appraising the value of your jewelry and can quickly make you an offer on your estate jewelry or other fine jewelry. Look for a New York City pawn shop that specializes in jewelry to be sure you get the best service.

There are pawn shops in New that have been in business for decades. They are trusted professionals in the industry and you will not be disappointed with the high level of customer service. Your estate jewelry does not need to sit unused and unloved taking up space in your home. Bring it to a New York City Pawn shop and get top dollar for your fine jewelry.