Selling Estate Jewelry

Diamond ring surrounded by melee diamonds.

Estate jewelry is in high demand these days as people are looking for unique vintage pieces to lend their accessories collection an air of sophistication. However, finding the right buyer for your estate jewelry isn’t always easy. You can spend a lot of time and effort searching or you can simply bring your estate jewelry to a pawnbroker.

There are pawnbrokers, like Modell Collateral Loans, that specialize in estate jewelry. These pawn shops have a client base that is interested in estate jewelry and they are always willing to buy more to add to their every evolving inventory. Pawn shops, in fact, are on the best places to find estate jewelry.

When you sell your estate jewelry at a pawn shop you will get your cash that day. A pawnbroker will expertly value your jewelry and offer you a cash deal based on what they think they can resell your estate jewelry for. You spend no time advertising or looking for buyers and you will have cash for your estate jewelry that day. Pawnbrokers are interested in all different styles of estate jewelry. Bringing your estate jewelry to a pawnbroker is the quickest, easiest way to turn into to cash in your pocket.