Selling Gold in a Pawn Shop

Detail of a lustrous gold bar.

Gold is always in high demand, so when you have a cash shortage one way to recover is by selling gold in a pawn shop. Whether you have gold jewelry, gold bars or gold coins, pawnbrokers are always willing to negotiate on and buy gold.

Don't want to sell? Pawn it. Learn how.

Many people make the mistake of overlooking dated, broken or old gold jewelry thinking they won’t be able to get money for it. However, gold can be melted down and easily turned into something new, and for this reason pawn shops will buy even your broken jewelry or gold jewelry that is out of style and unwearable.

Turning your gold into cash is simple and quick at a pawn shop. You’ll get cash the very day you need it simply by raiding your jewelry box for unwanted items. For very high-end and in demand gold jewelry, you will often get a larger price. All you have to do is come prepared to negotiate.