Where to shop for unique jewelry.

An assortment of Diamond studs

Sure, retail jewelry stores offer some beautiful pieces of jewelry. However, the mark up on these pieces can be exorbitant. Often, you’re paying for the designer’s talent and expertise, rather than just the price of the materials used. If you’re looking for something beautiful and unique with a bit of history you should think outside the box.

Antique dealers, high end pawn shops or other second hand retailers are likely to have truly different and unique pieces of jewelry on their shelves. These businesses, especially high end pawn shops offer prices well below retail and often at wholesale.

Hesitant about going second hand for such a major purchase?  When you shop for jewelry at a high end pawn shop, not only you can expect a high end experience,  you will be working with a staff that has an expertise in fine jewelry. They are trained in the latest and best testing methods. This means that when it comes to authenticating and appraising their jewelry, they’ve already done the leg work for you.

When you shop for jewelry at a high end pawn shop the inventory will include heirloom jewelry, diamonds and fine gems, platinum and gold jewelry and estate jewelry. If you don’t find what you were hoping for on your first trip, don’t be discouraged. The merchandise inventory at pawn shops changes often, so you’re likely to find something new and attractive each time you visit.

Jewelry tastes are unique to every person.  Retail jewelry stores offer some beautiful pieces, but if you want a little something more, if you want a piece that really stands out, look no further than a high end pawn shop.