What are loose diamonds?

An assortment of Diamond studs

Loose diamonds are simply polished diamonds that have not been mounted, that is, they have not been fixed into a setting like a ring, earring or necklace. Loose diamonds have become a hot commodity, as more customers are seeking unique, custom designed jewelry that reflects their personal style. Loose diamonds are also a great investment.

Loose diamonds can be bought through online sites, at auction or even in retail jewelry stores. However, if you use these methods to purchase loose diamonds you run the risk of paying too much or buying a product that is different from what is pictured online. At Modell, we have over four generations and 100 years in the diamond importing and cutting industry. Learn about the 4 C’s of diamond buying here.

While we offer our diamond website, ModellDiamonds.com, where clients can browse our extensive inventory of loose diamonds and gold, platinum and diamond jewelry, we conduct face to face buying and selling transactions. It’s important that our clients have the ability to inspect our merchandise in person, ask questions and understand exactly what they’re purchasing.

Modell is an importer of diamonds for Tel Aviv, Antwerp and Mumbai. We have a large inventory of GIA and EGL certified round and fancy shape diamonds from 1 carat to 10 carat plus. We specialize in diamond stud earrings up to 10 carat total weight and manufacture fine contemporary diamond jewelry, including engagement rings, fashion rings, diamond wedding bands, tennis bracelets and diamond necklaces. Also available is a constant supply of previously owned and vintage estate jewelry.

When purchasing loose diamonds, the more of a paper trail the diamonds have, the better. Be sure to ask if the diamond has any certifications such as GIA certifications, laser inscriptions or other ways to determine the quality or provenance of the diamond. Certification can help appraisers more easily determine he real value of loose diamonds when they are purchased, or when you decide to resell them.

If you are interested in browsing our inventory online, be sure to visit ModellDiamonds.com. If you have any questions about our loose diamond inventory or would like to make an appointment to browse our merchandise in person, please contact us by phone or email.