Finding the right engagement ring in a pawn shop.

Detail of a Diamond Ring

A pawn shop may not be your first thought when you are in the market for the perfect engagement ring. However, if you have a smaller budget but want to get her something really special, a New York City pawn shop is the perfect place to begin your search. Look for a pawn shop in New York that specializes in diamond jewelry, like Modell Loans, with a flagship store in the heart of NYC’s Diamond District. This is where you’ll find the most quality high-end pieces and the most variety.

All you’ll need to do next is narrow down her specific tastes so you know what to get. There are a lot of trends in diamond jewelry right now. A simple band of diamonds, a large center solitaire flanked by a few smaller diamonds, and a horizontally set oval, marquise or emerald cut diamond are all modern looks that will stand the test of time.

The beauty of a pawn shop is that they have it all. You can find something beautifully vintage or classic and modern depending on her taste.  Modell Collateral Loans also has a constantly changing selection of diamond and platinum jewelry, so you’re always going to find something new with each visit.

Once you’ve narrowed down the type of stone you want it’s time to consider the metal.  White gold is the preferred metal and has been for many years. However, platinum jewelry and yellow gold are also high quality metals that women love.