Tips For Buying Diamond Jewelry in a Pawn Shop

Three Diamond Ring in a platinum setting.

Pawn shops are not cookie cutter stores. Each pawn shop offers its own services and retail inventory. When you are looking to buy quality fine jewelry do not assume that every pawn shop will be the same. Look for a pawn shop that specializes in fine jewelry, like Modell Collateral Loans.

Oftentimes pawnshops will have more than just previously owned jewelry. Pawn shops whose bread and butter is jewelry in addition to loans will often offer new merchandise at wholesale prices. For the best diamond jewelry you want to find a pawn shop with a jeweler on staff that has access to wholesale diamonds.

You can peruse the retail merchandise at the pawn shop or you can work with a jeweler to craft your own unique setting. It’s the best of both worlds. Buying diamond jewelry is an investment and not something you want to take lightly. Choose a higher end pawn shop, like Modell Collateral Loans, to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. The option to purchase whole sale diamonds and choose your own cut and setting is priceless and you will find that when you go through a pawn shop you will pay far less than in another retail setting.