Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Detail of a bouquet of pink and peach colored roses. Several roses have shimmering diamonds nestled in their centers.

Mother’s Day 2019 is celebrated on May 12th. Mother’s Day is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May. It can be a little difficult to decide what to give your mom to show her how much of a difference she’s made in your life. How can any one item make up for the years of unconditional love and support that she’s provided to you. Fortunately, we know that she’ll be happy with any gesture of gratitude. The most important factor in giving any gift is that it is heartfelt and sincere. Here are a few Mother’s Day gift ideas:


1. Flowers – As clich√© as it may seem, flowers are always a welcome and much appreciated gift in any home. When giving flowers, it’s important to think about what the flower symbolizes to the recipient. Flowers can carry several meanings based on the type and color, but, in the end, it all depends on what it means to the person receiving them. Be sure to consider any allergies before selecting your bouquet.

2. Jewelry – Gold, diamond and platinum jewelry is always an impressive gift that will make an impact on Mother’s Day. From the classic and simple, to the unique and ornate, a beautiful piece will make a lasting impression and is something she will have for years to come. Buying jewelry at a high end pawn shop in New York City, like Modell, is a great option that will fit most any budget. You can even browse our diamond selection on our diamond website.

3. Dinner – If you’re on a budget, consider taking your mom out to dinner on Mother’s Day. Or you can cook something special at this home. Either way, it will the perfect opportunity to sit down face to face and talk to your mom about all the great things she’s done for you over the years.