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Platinum Jewelry Care

platinum ring with solitaire diamond

Platinum jewelry is rarer than gold jewelry and offers an elegant, timeless look you’ll love. Many people compare this precious metal to white gold jewelry, however, there is actually a huge difference. White gold is made through a process of combining copper and silver in addition to small amounts of nickel and zinc. Therefore, it […]

Buying and Pawning Collectibles at a Pawn Shop

The famous three gold balls sign of a pawnbroker's shop, above a street in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, eastern England.

The market for collectibles has exploded in recent decades. Reality TV shows have shown just how lucrative collecting rare and valuable items can be. While the proliferation of information online has provided many novice collectors with the tools to make confident, informed purchases, there are also many challenges. Pawn shops are a great place to […]