Selling Gold in New York

Detail of a lustrous gold bar.

If you are looking to sell gold in New York City you want to find the right New York City pawn shop. Selling gold at a pawn shop is easy. You simply bring in your gold in any form you have it and the pawnbroker will offer you a price based on the current price of gold and number of other determining factors.

If it’s scrap gold you will not get as much as if your gold is vintage or designer jewelry. Selling gold is easy, however, when you are selling gold you want to get a fair price. That means you need to pick the right New York City pawn shop, like Modell. Modell has a reputation for fair, honest values and is a trusted buyer of gold In New York City.

The right pawnbroker will make all the difference. You will get more money for your gold if you go to a reputable pawnbroker.  Pawnbrokers who specialize in jewelry are most qualified to buy your gold. Look for a pawnshop that has been in business for a long time so you know they are experienced and trustworthy. Find a New York City Pawn shop with a strong reputation.

Finally, when selling gold at a pawn shop, don’t be afraid to negotiate. If you don’t feel like the price you are offered is fair name a price you do think is fair. In the end, you can always take your gold to another pawnbroker so negotiate with confidence.