What to do in a Sudden Financial Emergency

Man in a suit scratching his head with a confused look.

Throughout history, pawn shops have been providing safety net loans to people who are facing financial emergencies. Financial emergencies can happen to anyone at any time, and, when they hit, going to the bank for a loan isn’t always an option.

Sometimes you simply need to pay a heating or water bill before your services gets cut off and you don’t have the time nor the need for a large bank loan. Furthermore, banks don’t offer the kinds of small dollar loans to help through emergencies.

If you are facing a money crisis, a pawn loan can help you face it head on. A loan on gold, diamonds or other fine jewelry is all you need to stay afloat. Pawn shops will lend on fine jewelry in addition to many other valuable items. In a financial emergency you can let your services be shut off and pay the reconnection fees, you can skip a credit card payment and take a hit to your credit report, or you can let your bank account become overdrawn and watch the overdraft fees begin to stack up.  A better option, however, is to look into your jewelry box for gold, diamonds, high-end watches and visit a pawn shop. You will have the cash you need with no risk to your credit on the day you need it.