Buying Wholesale Diamonds

An assortment of Diamond studs

Even with a tight budget you can have the diamond jewelry of your dreams if you know where to buy wholesale diamonds. The mark-up at a retail jewelry store will limit your diamond jewelry options, however, when you purchase your diamond jewelry wholesale you’ll have access to many more options.

Look for a pawnshop in New York, like Modell, that offers wholesale diamond jewelry for the best deals. Diamond quality is determined using the 5 C’s – carat, cut, color, clarity and certification.

Carat is the weight of the diamond. Diamonds are cut by a craftsman and the quality of the cut will determine how well your diamond sparkles and shines. Diamonds are graded by color with the most colorless being the most rare and highest grade. Clarity refers to how brilliant your diamond is. Your dollar will go a lot further and you will end up with better cut, carat, clarity and color when you purchase a wholesale diamond. Many worry that when they go the wholesale route they will be sacrificing certification, however, it is easy to find a wholesaler in New York that offers GIA certified diamonds.

Furthermore, you can often design your own diamond jewelry or work with a jewelry designer to choose the perfect setting.  Whether you want diamond stud earrings or an elaborate engagement ring, 1 carat or 10 carats, you are going to find the best deals and the most affordable diamonds when you shop wholesale.