How do Pawn Shops Determine the Value of My Diamond Jewelry?

A beautiful diamond

There are many different factors that go into the dollar amount a pawn shop will offer you when you are selling or pawning your diamond jewelry. The first, and most important factor will be the quality of the diamond.

Diamond value is determined by pawn shops in the same way a regular jeweler would determine value – they look at the carat, cut, clarity and color.

The carat, or weight of the diamond, is a huge factor in determining value. The cut of the diamond is simply the way the diamond was physically cut or shaped. Some cuts are more valuable than others, especially those that lend to the brilliance of the diamond. Clarity refers to the absence of flaws. The better the clarity the more valuable your diamond is.

Finally, the color of the diamond also effects the price. Colored diamonds are very rare and therefore high in value. The clearer your white diamond is the higher the value will be. The four C’s determine value but there are a few other factors. Diamonds in a beautiful modern setting will fetch a higher price at a pawn shop than a diamond in a dated setting. Other factors include the current demand for diamonds. Once the pawnbroker appraises your jewelry they will offer to pay or loan you a percentage of that amount in order to make their own profit.