What Can I Pawn in a Pawn Shop?

Detail of a lustrous gold bar.

Modell Collateral Loans specializes in a number of luxury, vintage and estate jewelry items. We’ll get you the most money possible for your valuable item.

• Gold – Gold jewelry is one of the most popular items to pawn at a pawn shop. Gold is timeless and always in demand, and the pawnbroker never doubts whether or not he or she will be able to resell a gold.

• Platinum Jewelry – Platinum jewelry has been rising in popularity over the years, making it a high demand item for pawnbrokers. Pawnbrokers take an interest not only in the actual value of a precious metal but also in the demand among consumers for the item. Right now platinum is a sure bet for pawnbrokers.

• Diamond Jewelry – Whether it’s an engagement ring or a lovely bracelet diamonds remain “a girl’s best friend”, Pawnbrokers will always loan on your diamond jewelry because they know the demand for diamonds is not going anywhere.

• Estate Jewelry – You can quickly move your estate jewelry at a pawn shop rather than going through the process of waiting and dealing with multiple buyers. Pawnbrokers love stocking their inventory with unique vintage jewelry.

• Luxury Watches – A high-end watch will fetch top dollar at a pawn shop, especially if it is in good shape. Watches are one of the most popular items purchased in a pawn shop and you can be almost certain the pawnbroker will make you a fair offer.