Four Ways Pawn Shops Can Fund Your Summer

pawn loans and summer vacations

Let’s face it – summer can be expensive. It seems there’s always something to spend money on, whether it’s something fun or a major project. If you’re worried you don’t have the cash to do all you wanted to this summer, here are a few ways your local pawn shop can help you make it happen.

Graduation Gifts– Graduation kicks off summer vacation and pawn shops are not only a great place to get extra cash if your list of grads is extra long, but it’s also a great place to shop for gifts. Get a pawn loan or sell valuables and pick out a Rolex watch, fine jewelry, sports equipment or electronics for the hard-working graduates.

Road Trips – Summer isn’t complete without at least one road trip. Whether you plan to trek clear across the country, take a long weekend trip, or even just a small day trip you are going to need cash. Sell gold or other valuables at a pawn shop to get extra cash for gas money, meals or even a few extra souvenirs.

Father’s Day Gifts – Father’s day is in June and pawn shops are one of the best places to get him something he will really want. Tools are a popular father’s day gift item you can almost always find at a pawnshop. What Dad wouldn’t want a Rolex watch? Pawn shops also sell sports equipment and sports memorabilia if your dad happens to love sports.

Home Repairs – People tend to want to do a majority of their fixing up in the summer months. It’s the best time to add a new roof, a fresh coat of paint to your exterior or new windows. The summer months are also when people look to do large landscaping jobs. However, these projects can get very expensive even if you’re going DIY. By selling gold and other valuables at a pawn shop you can earn a little extra cash to add to the repair budget. You can also get a pawn loan to cover the cost of a time sensitive summer project that can’t be put off until the fall or winter.