Wearing Estate Jewelry

Diamond Necklace

Estate jewelry is always beautiful, but oftentimes women have trouble figuring out how to wear it so that it works with their modern look. Vintage estate jewelry can be large and showy, so one of the best ways to wear your vintage jewelry is with a simple outfit.

The classic little black dress with a super modern cut is the perfect pairing for a large vintage necklace or earrings. Platinum jewelry and gold jewelry both look excellent with black. Diamond jewelry, as well, will really stand out with if you keep the rest of the outfit simple. Estate jewelry can steal the show, so it’s best to not choose an outfit that will compete with your vintage jewelry.

Simple jeans and a plain t-shirt will keep your look casual but your estate jewelry will add excitement. It’s a casual look, but the estate jewelry will keep it from looking plain by adding interest. If you have simple estate jewelry such as a pair of diamond studs you can wear them with almost anything. They look excellent with a bold and flashy outfit or with a simple outfit. Simple diamond jewelry adds interest to a plain outfit while at the same time is an easy compliment to a dressed up outfit.