What Can I Do with Damaged or Dated Jewelry?

One hand holds out cash in exchange for gold jewelry. Text reads "We Buy Gold" and the Modell Loans Logo is displayed.

Do you have a jewelry box full of valuable gold jewelry, platinum jewelry and diamond jewelry that you never wear because it’s simply out of fashion? Some estate jewelry stands the test of time and some simply does not. Just because you are unhappy with the look of a piece, however, does not mean the precious metals and gemstones have lost their value.

You don’t have to let your dated, broken or damaged jewelry remain unworn cluttering up your jewelry box. It does still have value and you can make the most of that value at Modell Collateral Loans. Pawnbrokers will often have interest in a dated or even broken piece of jewelry. Gold, for example, is always welcome in a pawn shop as a pawnbroker can either sell it as is in the store, repair it or even resell it as scrap to be melted down and turned into something completely new.

Diamond jewelry is also very popular in a pawn shop. Many pawnbrokers will buy a dated diamond necklace, ring or bracelet and have their jeweler change or update the setting. Bringing your jewelry to a pawn shop will leave with a clean and organized jewelry box that has room for the new beautiful piece you can purchase with your pawn shop earnings!