Platinum Jewelry for Men

a high end watch, one of many items that Modell Loans Accepts as Collateral

Platinum jewelry is a popular choice for men whose jewelry choices have traditionally been more subdued than women’s.  Platinum is a white metal that is very dense and heavy.  It comes with a higher price tag but that is due to the quality and durability of the precious metal.  It’s a popular choice for men’s wedding rings as it is truly prestigious and really makes a statement.  Men appreciate the elegant yet masculine look of a platinum band. Furthermore, a platinum band is easy to resize years down the road if needed.  Trends in men’s jewelry have come a long way and platinum lends itself well to both the look of traditional men’s jewelry and the latest trends in which men are daring to wear more and wear bigger and bolder pieces. Platinum earrings, wristbands and necklaces can all be seen on today’s most stylish men. For the man that wants to make a statement and look sophisticated and successful at the same time, platinum jewelry is the way to go.  To make your own statement try shopping for your platinum and estate jewelry in a pawn shop.  Pawnbrokers stock their shelves with the hottest jewelry to meet the needs of even the pickiest customers. You can look modern and stylish without breaking the bank when you pick up an exquisite piece of estate jewelry form a pawn shop.  You’ll find stylish watches, wristbands, rings and more at pawn shop prices you won’t find in a retail store.