Selling Diamonds at a Pawn Shop

A beautiful diamond

There are several different routes you can take to sell diamonds and all come with their pros and cons, but when you sell diamonds at a pawn shop you have cash in your pocket that same day. Listing it online means waiting for the right buyer, then waiting for payment, and finally going through the hassle of shipping it or meeting up with the buyer.

Selling it at a consignment jewelry store also means waiting for the right buyer and sharing part of the money you make with the seller. Pawn shops, especially those that specialize in jewelry and diamonds, will buy your diamond jewelry from you the same day you walk into the store and pay you immediately.

Pawnbrokers have a customer base of buyers looking for jewelry, and they are continuously looking for diamond jewelry to add to their inventory. When you have diamond jewelry you want to sell there is never any question that a pawnbroker will purchase it. Selling diamond jewelry at a pawn shop is not only the fastest route to selling your diamonds, but it is also hassle free. A quick trip to the pawn shop is all it takes to get you your cash.