Should you Buy Diamond Jewelry at a Pawn Shop?

Three Diamond Ring in a platinum setting.

Diamond jewelry can be an investment. In fact, many people purchase insurance policies on their diamond jewelry, as it is one of those irreplaceable items. Pawns shops are enticing to most people because of the savings to be had on this high-end and very sought after jewelry.

However, some people have not considered visiting a pawn shop for diamond jewelry. Most pawnbrokers are experts when it comes to diamonds. They know diamonds in and out. In fact, many pawn shops have a GIA certified jeweler on staff or work with a jeweler to ensure that the jewelry on their shelves is all quality, real diamonds.

Furthermore, pawnbrokers are concerned about building customer loyalty. Therefore, pawnbrokers often go the extra mile to ensure that you leave with exactly the item you’re looking for. For many, there is no better place to buy diamonds than at a pawn shop. You won’t beat the prices or the firsthand knowledge a pawnbroker has of the gemstone anywhere else. And the selection is constantly changing, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for today, stay in touch the the pawnbroker. She’ll let you know when the right item for you is ready for the purchasing.