Where to Sell Diamond Jewelry

Diamond ring surrounded by melee diamonds.

When it’s time to part with your diamond jewelry you want to make sure you are getting top dollar for it. A New York City pawn shop, like Modell Collateral Loans, is the best place to bring your unwanted diamond jewelry. At a pawn shop you can get cash for your diamond jewelry on the spot.

Unlike a consignment store, or online sites where you would sell it yourself there is no wait to make a sale and get your cash. Pawnbrokers have the cash flow to buy your fine diamond jewelry on the spot. New Yorkers can bring diamonds to a reputable pawn shop like Modell Collateral Loans and have cash in hand that same day.

Selling diamond jewelry in a New York City pawn shop is a simple process. Bring your diamonds and any accompanying papers and packaging you have. The pawnbroker, who will have expert knowledge of diamond jewelry, will assess your piece. Oftentimes, pawn shops have jewelers on staff as well that will look at your piece. Agree on your price, then you’ll be on your way with your cash. For questions about pawning your diamond jewelry, visit our FAQ Page