Why you need a Rolex watch.

A gold Rolex Yacht Master with gold band.

The Rolex brand began in 1905, and, because of their quality and appeal, demand for Rolex watches has only grown.  The price of a Rolex watch has steadily risen since the 1980s, as demand for what has truly become a status symbol increased.  In 1981, a DateJust Rolex model cost $900. For the same model with just a few minimal improvements in 1991 the price had risen to $2350.  Many people wonder whether owning Rolex is worth the large price tag.  Here are a few reasons you should consider investing in a Rolex watch.

It’s an Investment –  Unlike other luxury goods, a fine watch does not lose value with added years.  In fact, when well cared for, some vintage watches can gain value.  Owning a Rolex is more than just a fashion statement, it’s an investment as well.  Many collectors of Rolex watches find they are able to sell their watches after years of wearing and enjoying them for huge profits.

It’s Classic Fashion –  Respected actors such as Brad Pitt and Matt Damon have been seen wearing a Rolex.  Athletes such as Tiger Woods and David Beckham, politicians such as John McCain and artists such as Pablo Picasso all have been seen wearing a Rolex watch.  Celebrities are known for starting new trends and being on the cutting edge of fashion, but Rolex is a classic older brand that celebrities love to flaunt.  From the Rolex Submariner worn by Sean Connery as he debuted James Bond in 1962 to today’s modern celebrities, it’s obvious that Rolex watches will never go out of style.

It Leaves a Lasting Impression – The Rolex brand has stood the test of time.  Leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., French president Nicolas Sarkozy, and even Pope John Paul II are known to have worn Rolex watches.  People associate the name not only with class and wealth, but also with a product that has been a leader in its genre throughout the years.  When you’re wearing a Rolex you leave people with a similar impression of yourself.

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