Diamond Jewelry and Engagement Ring Trends

A beautiful diamond

Diamond jewelry isn’t always easy to shop for, especially when it’s an engagement ring. The engagement ring is an extraordinarily special piece of diamond jewelry, and, when you’re shopping for one, you’ll want it to be modern and stylish but also classic enough to stand the test of time (since she’s going to be wearing it for the rest of her life).

There were several modern and pretty trends in late 2019 that you can tap into to leave her breathless when you’re ready to pop the question.

East-west, or horizontal settings, are a modern take on a classic look. This diamond jewelry look works best for oval, marquise and emerald cuts. A large center stone flanked by a few smaller diamonds will look beautiful today and twenty years from now.

Another gorgeous trend that will never go out of style is the classic diamond band. You can go with relatively small diamonds for a big impact and spend a little less money as well.

If you are looking for something a little different, there are some riskier trends in diamond jewelry you can try. Floral accents are a fantastic 2020 trend you may want to consider. To incorporate this look into your engagement ring, choose a large center diamond and add some simple floral detailing along the band that won’t compete with the diamond.

A few celebrities have been seen sporting diamond jewelry with hearts, which some think is the perfect engagement ring.  You can go obvious with the hearts or you can have them become a discreet part of the design, depending on the statement you are looking to make.

Finally, sometimes with diamond jewelry, the setting can make the ring. For some time now a classic white gold band has been the most common metal chosen for an engagement ring setting. Yellow gold is picking up momentum, however, and, if she tends to wear a lot of yellow gold jewelry, you may want to consider using this metal for her engagement ring as well. Diamond jewelry is not always easy to pick out, so make sure you know her tastes and expectations. Then have fun picking out something exquisite for your future wife.