Pawn loans cover emergency expenses.

Detail of a lustrous gold bar.

Emergencies always seem to happen when you’ve got no extra cash on hand, but in those kinds of situations a visit to the pawn shop can help you make it through. You may have no cash, but you’ve probably got something of value you can use to get you your emergency fund.

Things like platinum jewelry, diamond jewelry and gold jewelry can get you top dollar and keep you on your feet when things come up.  You could be seeking extra cash to cover car repairs, medical bills or some other unexpected expense – your pawnbroker will never ask – and it’s always up to you how to spend the money.

Taking out a pawn loan is easy.  Find something you own of value and look for a reputable New York City pawn shop, like Modell Loans.  The pawnbroker will make you an offer based on the value of your item and what he or she thinks it will sell for if you choose not to pay back your loan.  Don’t worry, if you decide not repay the loan, your credit WILL NOT be affected, ever.